deidee / terms

Here you will find the conditions that apply when you do business with deidee. These are based on Dutch law, supplemented by our own insights and principles. The conditions have been updated on .

Payment conditions

Payments can be made in Euros to account number NL52 KNAB 0259 6013 30 in the name of De Idee. If — for whatever reason — this is not possible, an adjusted invoice can be made in consultation, for example with another currency.

By default, the payment term is 30 days. In consultation with the client, a longer term (maximum 60 days) or a shorter term (minimum 1 day) can be chosen in certain situations. The payment term is always stated on the invoice.


For software (including websites) that we deliver, the standard warranty period is 30 days. The warranty covers bugs (read: errors) made by us, but also those caused by something changed externally, such as in server software or in web browsers.

Because you want everything to continue to work after the standard warranty period — and unfortunately we cannot guarantee that indefinitely and free of charge — we always recommend a maintenance contract to extend the warranty period indefinitely.

New wishes, insights, standards, legislation, etc. are not covered by the warranty. If this is the case, a new budget will be drawn up for it.


During the development and delivery of a project we ensure that all software is as up-to-date as possible. After delivery a warranty period of 30 days comes into effect in which we continue to guarantee this. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this indefinitely and free of charge, which is why we always offer clients who purchase software a maintenance contract that effectively extends the warranty period indefinitely.

Some clients want us to proactively anticipate relevant new insights, standards and legislation (for example, in the area of accessibility, privacy or search engine optimization). For this purpose, a maintenance contract can be scaled up and thus acquires a dual function.


In accordance with article 1 of the Copyright Act, everything we create (read: designs and/or develop) is the property of deidee, even if it was commissioned by a client. Our budgets therefore default to the development and use of a finished product, but not ownership. (See deidee of copyright.)

In some cases, a client does want ownership of a product. In such a case, a separate budget is made for this. The amount of this can vary from a fraction of the initial budget, to a lot-far from it; it depends entirely on how much knowledge and commitment is provided.