Sometimes we come up with something and are surprised that it doesn’t already exist. In such cases we become our own client, and we invest a lot of time in realizing the idea; often without a (clear) revenue model. Here are some of the projects we have the most fun (and sometimes headaches) with.



A typical color display is made up of pixels, the color of which is determined by a combination of red, green and blue light, each in one of 256 gradations. This makes 16.777.216 possible combinations, each representing a unique color.

allrgb invites people to create images that contain each of these possibilities exactly once. Entries that meet these conditions will then be published and displayed on the website.



It is difficult to describe what Mimesia is without getting bogged down in abstractions. An important aspect is that it tries to blur boundaries between countries, between social classes and even between worlds (such as the physical, that of Platonic ideas, virtual and fantasy).

Until now it manifests itself as a (social) network, an art gallery, and a virtual church, but the ambitions are limitless. Join Mimesia to be part of it (for free).


Internet art is a relatively new movement that takes many different forms. One of the expressions is an abstract/conceptual work—whether interactive or not—that has a one-to-one relationship with the domain name on which it can be found.

Netplasticism is an online gallery where such works are collected and displayed. The term is a contraction of neoplasticism (Nieuwe Beelding or De Stijl) and (the name of a group of pioneers in the field of Internet art).

Periodic System of the Elements

The periodic table of elements is a table in which all chemical elements are listed. How many elements it contains depends on how old the table is because new elements have been discovered or developed over the years.

Periodic System is a web application that allows one to scale (or contain) the table to arbitrary heights. It is—as far as we can tell—the most comprehensive table of its kind available.